ParTee Golf will be moving to a new location within the next couple of months. Unfortunately, to have inspections done, they need to move the simulators over to the new location well before the store will be open. This means there will be some time that I won't be able to teach lessons. I should be able to start teaching in the new location before it opens to public, however, I don't have all the information at this moment. I will be posting updates here as to when and possibly where else I will be able to have lessons in the meantime.

When lessons do begin again, I will post that update on here and my online calendar will be ready to go. calendly.com/tda-golf

MARCH 3 - Let's get back to work!! Lessons will begin next Monday March 8th at Savage Creek driving range in Richmond. Calendar is now open! I will be able to use the upstairs hitting deck and I will be on one of the far side (not sure what side, but if you come up the middle you will see me). I will purchase the golf balls for our lesson, so just come straight up.


March 1 - I am going to continue offering putting lessons at ParTee Golf, starting March 6th. I will have openings everyday after that. Please use my calendar to book your 1-Hour Putting Lesson. As for swing lessons, I am actively looking for another venue to use in the meantime. I believe I have a place to use but it might not be until the end of March. More info will come later this week. 


If you are interested and you don't know already, I am quite active in online lessons with players from around the world on the golf coaching app, Skillest. Under Coach Nathan Leonhardt. You are more than welcome sign up for my unlimited monthly plan on there, which is unlimited lessons, for around $200/month. Just throwing out the option should you not want to wait for a month and you would like me to continue to monitor your progress and still offer drills and suggestions as to what to keep working on. 

Feb 26 - After Sunday Feb 28, I won't be booking lessons going forward until I get more information, which should come within the next couple of days.