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Based in Richmond BC, Canada, the Tour Development Academy was created to help aspiring golfers reach the highest levels in the game. Our students range from beginning juniors who are just learning the proper fundamentals all the way up to PGA TOUR players. 

Adult and beginner lessons are always available as well.

The command of every aspect of the game at TDA is at the highest level you will find. Combining the knowledge and playing skills of a high level professional golfer with the education and natural ability of an elite coach, you are sure to take your performance to another level. 


The Tour Development Academy is a full-service golf academy, offering Tour proven knowledge and expertise to help take any player, at any stage, to the next level. 

Swing Instruction
TDA utilizes the latest and top of the line technology for swing instruction, including TrackMan 4 and 4D Motion's full-body motion capture system.
Coach Nathan is highly certified in many aspects of swing & body mechanics.
Short Game Expertise
Short game is what made Coach Nathan successful in his own golf career. It's now one of the successful way he's helping to lower his players scores.
Coach Nathan is TPI Certified. He is able to put his students through the proper assessments to help show them their body limitations and how those limitations are causing some of their swing flaws.
Tournament Preparation
There's no better place to help Elite players than on the golf course. Seeing how they play and what shots they hit in certain situations is key for improvement. With Coach Nathan's extensive tournament background, he is able to prepare his players for all situations.
Mental Game
Being a former Tour Player and certified in Golf Psychology, Coach Nathan is able to help his players be prepared and adapt to many situations that they may face in golf.
Travel Coaching
Nathan travels with some of his players to help them prepare for international tournaments.
He also meets students wherever they are, upon request, to fine tune their skills and have them tournament ready.
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Online Lessons


No matter where you live in the world, even if you don’t have the opportunity to come see Nathan in person for a lesson, you now have the ability to take a lesson with him from the comfort of your own home, golf course or driving range. It’s quick, easy, and super effective!


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