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Elite Coaching. 

Tour Standards.

Proven Results.

Award-winning golf lessons for golfers
of ALL skill levels

Savage Creek Driving Range

Putting Coach

About Us

Led by the 2022 British Columbia Teacher of the Year - Nathan Leonhardt, the Tour Development Academy provides top ranked golf lessons to golfers of ALL skill levels, from beginners to professionals.


TDA's teachings has the unique combination of the playing skills of a high-level professional golfer with the education and certifications of a world-class coach. You are sure to take your performance to another level. 


Based in Richmond BC, Canada, the Tour Development Academy was created to help aspiring golfers reach the highest levels in the game. Our students range from beginners, who are just wanting to learn the proper fundamentals, all the way up to PGA TOUR players. 

Our services are NOT only reserved for elite players. While many TDA clients are elite Juniors, Collegiate, and Professional golfers, we still offer the same great coaching to those who are looking to take their own games, of any skill, to the next level. Many of our students are taking up the game for the first time, or looking to break 100, break 90, break 80, and we always get them there!


The Tour Development Academy is a full-service golf academy, offering golf lessons with Tour proven knowledge and expertise to help take any player, of any skill level, to their best golf

Junior Development


Developing Junior golfers has always been a specialty of the Tour Development Academy since the academy started. 

Those who have put their trust in TDA have seen amazing results. Each year the academy sees more and more of its students having their best ever results. 

Now, TDA is one of the top academy's in BC for Junior development. 

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