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The Tour Development Academy is a full-service golf academy, offering Tour proven knowledge and expertise to help take any player, at any stage, to the next level. 

Whether it's learning to play golf for the first time, or competing on an elite level around the world, TDA is there to help.

Award-winning instruction, to help take any player to their next level

What TDA Offers

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TrackMan 4 Dual Radar Launch Monitor

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Dual Force Plates

Capto Putting

Accurate, Lightweight and Portable Putting Stroke Analyzer

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3D Analysis Software

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Video Analysis Software

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Video Analysis & Student Management Software

TPI Certified



From the Titleist Performance Institute, a TPI Certified Professional is able to put their students through a series of 16 movement exercises to assess and measure their flexibility, mobility, coordination and strength. This full-body screen helps us identify if our student has any limitations within their body that could be affecting their swing. 

For example, the player has very limited external rotation of their trail shoulder. This shows us that they may have a difficult time shallowing the club. Therefore, we need to find ways to work around that. If we don't take the time to measure things like this, then we could be asking our students to do things that they physically cannot do.

If you don't assess, you're guessing.

Assessments take about 20 minutes and are included with the New Student Special lesson option. 

TPI Assessment
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