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Now located at Savage Creek Driving Range and Golf Course in Richmond, BC. The new, state of the art, facility offers: indoor/outdoor hitting bays, TrackMan 4 Launch Monitors, SwingCatalyst Video Analysis Software, and heaters for all-year comfort.

Check out our new facility 

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Indoor/Outdoor Hitting Bays

With the push of the button, our large garage doors open up to allow our students to hit out into the driving range while utilizing all of our top of the line tech. The lesson experience is now heightened to another level.


During the colder months, we keep the garage doors closed and use the amazing TrackMan 4 simulators under the heaters for all-year comfort.


We use TrackMan 4 launch monitors for all of your in-depth club and ball data, SwingCatalyst video analysis software to video from face-on and down-the-line and analyze the swings, large TV's to view all videos and TrackMan data, Capto Putting System to analyze your putting strokes, and each hitting bay can be used as a simulator during the cold months, to learn and train all year long. 

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Outdoor Short Game Lessons

Savage Creek has a great area outside for instructors to work with their students on putting, chipping and bunkers.

The 18-hole putting course is another way that your coach can identify ways to help you take your practice to the course and shoot lower scores.  

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Playing Lessons

Taking your practice to the golf course if often very difficult for most golfers. Having a golf course on property makes it easy to schedule playing lessons and get on the course with your coach. Having your coach see you play is such an important step in the lesson process to identify where you're losing shots and help you understand your own game better to shoot lower scores.

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