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Meet the Coach

meet the coach
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Director of Instruction

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Assistant Coach 
UBC Men's Golf Team


Nathan Leonhardt
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The Tour Development Academy is led by former Tour player, and current British Columbia Teacher of the Year, Nathan Leonhardt. Nathan is from Richmond BC, Canada, only minutes from downtown Vancouver. He graduated with a 3.8 GPA in Business Management from Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, Florida.


Nathan only started playing golf when he was 16 years old and by the time he was 25 he was competing full-time on the Canadian Professional Golf Tour (from beginner to Tour Professional in only 9 years). During his professional playing career, Nathan played 3 full seasons on the PGA Tour Canada and then played in China on the PGA Tour China.

During his playing career, Nathan amassed over 10 professional victories and holds 2 course records, which includes a 62 at Mayfair Lakes Golf Course. One of his course records came in the final round to win his first professional event.


After a back injury put his playing career on hold after the 2015 season, Nathan was immediately sought after to start coaching some elite players. This unexpected journey became exactly what Nathan was looking for. He was able to take everything he had learned over the years in his playing career, both good and bad, and use those to help players trying to follow in his footsteps. After coaching elite players for a few years and seeing some incredible results, Nathan established the Tour Development Academy. 

Today, Nathan works with golfers of ALL levels. From kids to adults, beginners to professional golfers. Awarded as the 2022 British Columbia Teacher of the Year. 


Visit Nathan's website to find out more about his past playing career:

the academy

The Academy
@ Savage Creek Driving Range

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The Tour Development Academy's teaching has the unique combination of playing skills of a high-level professional golfer with the education and certifications of a world-class coach. You are sure to take your performance to another level.  


This…. is the TDA Difference.


Based in Richmond BC, Canada, the Tour Development Academy was created to help aspiring golfers reach the highest levels in the game. Today, our students range from beginners, who are looking to learn the proper fundamentals, all the way up to PGA Tour players. 

Our services are NOT only reserved for elite players. While many TDA clients are elite Juniors, Collegiate, and Professional golfers, we still offer the same high-level golf instruction to those who are just beginning this great game. 


With TDA's Director of Instruction, Nathan Leonhardt, not far removed from being a Tour Player himself, students are able to learn first hand what it takes to keep progressing themselves to another level. It’s one thing to see a coach for lessons, but it’s another when you are able to learn invaluable lessons from someone who has been through it all as a player; someone not only who has had many successes in golf, but has also been able to learn from his failures, which he uses to help his students everyday. 

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Home Base

Savage Creek Driving Range

7388 No. 6 Rd, Richmond BC, Canada

*2nd floor, south side*

Dr. Kwon Biomechanics

Dr. Kwon Level 2 Golf Biomechanics Certification

TrackMan Certified
Penn State Biomechanics

Penn State’s Biomechanics of Golf

TrackMan Level 2 Certified

Boditrak Certification

Boditrak - Golf Ground Mechanics Certified

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Smart2Move Dual Force Plates Certification

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US Kids Golf Certified Coach

Capto Putting

Capto Putting Certified Level 2 Instructor

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BioSwing Dynamics & Ground Reaction Forces Level 1 Certified

Swing Catalyst Level 2

Swing Catalyst Level 2

Certified Instructor

Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology Coaching Certified 


Ziggy N

Coach Nathan has really helped my game since I started working with him as a college golfer and now as a pro golfer. I won 2 college events and a professional event in the first year I started taking lessons with TDA. He really knows the ins and outs of all things golf. Whether it’s putting, short game, full swing, and even mental coaching. I would highly recommend his coaching to any skill level, from beginner to competitive amateur to professional golfer (like me).

Ali L

Nathan has been unbelievable as I have been working with him the past 2 years. Since then I have earned a scholarship and am now competing in the NCAA. He always takes a lot passion in what he does and truly cares about you getting better and is always willing to chat rather as opposed to a lot of coaches nowadays who are in it for a money grab. I highly recommend his elite services.

Nawid N

Nathan has been amazing for my game. I went from a 20+ handicap to 11 in just six months and still getting better. He also helped me win my first tournament by teaching me about course management and the strategic aspects of the game. I look forward to continue my journey with Nathan to becoming a scratch golfer.

Kelvin N

I’ve been playing golf for 20 years now at an 11 handicap. I got down to a 7 at one time but couldn’t really truly call myself a single handicapper. One lesson in, I’m hitting the ball straighter, longer, with less effort and much more pure and more often. Nathan is a great teacher and has already broken thru a wall I’ve been stuck with for years. Can’t wait till the next lesson. Your investment in tda will be more worth than any club at the golf shop. Look nowhere else!

Ryan W

Working with Nathan has been a pretty eye opening experience. Probably for him too 😆... I play off of a +2 handicap with never really having a professional lesson before...but with back problems I new I had to change something...Nathan has been an awesome coach in transferring my swing to be more consistent, powerful and fluid with taking the pressure of my lower back! I also have learned drills to work on while at the range and the chipping green. Before I’d just hit balls mindlessly, while now I have a cheers to Nathan and our road to the PGA champions tour!!

Daniel X

Coach Nathan really helped me take my game to the next level, and helping me perform at the Junior World Championships.

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