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Online Lessons


Find Coach Nathan on the SKILLEST golf app, where he is one of the highest rated Coaches in the world. Lessons are quick, easy and super convenient. All you need is your phone and a golf club and you can have personalized instruction sent directly to you, no matter where in the world you are.


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"I started working with Coach Nathan in March 2022 intending to make a big swing change which I needed to get to the next level. I found Nathan by luck and am so happy I did. He is a great mentor, friend and coach in all things golf and is always responsive and thoughtful. Not only did he help me make the swing change, his direct experience playing professional golf has been invaluable for my mental game and course strategy development. He's patiently introduced new ideas allowing me to access my true potential which I wasn't aware of even after playing competitively for many years. I highly recommend Coach Nathan for all levels of golfers and believe he can help anyone access their true potential and become the player they want to be."

-Braxton, New York USA

At the Tour Development Academy, we utilize the online golf coaching app, Skillest, to offer online lessons around the world

Skillest offers an incredibly safe and easy to use platform for students and coaches to work seamlessly from anywhere in the world 

Either Click Here to go to Nathan's Skillest Profile or follow below:




Download the FREE app - ‘Skillest

Create a FREE ‘Student Account

Search for 'Nathan Leonhardt 🇨🇦’


From there, you can view Nathan's online lesson rates, monthly unlimited subscription plans, or view one of his free sample lessons.


* Detailed video analysis of your swing, putting, chipping, bunker

* Customized videos of Nathan demonstrating what to work on

* Customized drills that will help you integrate our changes

Still unsure, or want some more information about the online lesson process?

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